Gnosticism Sighting at The Orthosphere

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since it comes from the fine fellas at The Orthosphere.  A concise treatment of the subject from Mr. Smith: The Doctrine of “the Body”: a Note on the New Gnosticism


The Gnostics vs. The Remnant

From Roissy, a vividly clear expression of modren Gnosticism: Globohomo’s Next Target: “Sexual Racism”.

A couple of money shots:

“Race and sex are the alpha and omega of humanness.”

We (huwhites) have been marinating in Gnosticism so long, we no longer consider the two most basic elements in our very humanness to be important, and even more, we’ve been taught/encouraged/bullied into being ashamed of them. At least if you’re white. And male. Speaking of which…

“It must be cohencidental that these “dialogues” always focus on White “racism”, when in fact a sexual preference for one’s own race is evident in nonWhite races as well.”

Now, about The Remnant. Reading Porter this morning (This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior, about the abundantly awesome NPC meme, among other things), I caught a reference to an essay by Albert Jay Nock,  Isaiah’s Job, from one of the outstanding commenters there, Deter Naturalist. When Deter talks, I listen (and when George Orwell snarks, I lulz), so I looked it up on this Web thingy. While reading it, I almost decided to post the whole damn essay here, it’s so good, but that seems like a waste of space when I can just link to it. I highly recommend reading the whole thing:

Isaiah’s Job

I’m a Plagiarist

I’m an honest thief, but at least I steal from the best. Last month I wrote a rambling post about meaninglessness, centering around a (drunken) thought I had: If something is, it is that thing absolutely, because if it’s not, then it could be anything, which means it’s really nothing.

I never claimed that was some kind of original thought, but I had no idea where it came from, or why it came to me so forcefully.

Five or six years ago I read Eric Voegelin’s Science, Politics and Gnosticism, and today I decided to re-read it. There, in the preface, was this:

Voegelin stands firm on ground prepared by Plato, Aristotle, and St. Augustine against the imaginative manipulators of Second Realities of all persuasions. “The nature of a thing cannot be changed; whoever tries to ‘alter’ its nature destroys the thing…”

Now, I don’t know if that’s where I got that thought, because I didn’t remember it, and reading it today surprised me. But who knows? Maybe that planted some seed in my brain five years ago that finally pushed through the rocky soil once it received enough nourishment from whiskey and beer.

I wonder how many thoughts we have that are like that.

Or maybe I’m a giant of intellect like Voegelin, but with superior command of the vernacular.

Probably not. But at least I’m not Alex Haley (for that second link, the reference to Alex Haley is a little ways into the essay, but it’s worth it. RTWT), the dirty thief.

I guess the reason it hit me so forcefully is that it’s another dead giveaway. If someone is willing to alter the meaning of a thing, then you know that person is a Gnostic true believer. For those willing to accept the alteration, Gnostic fellow travelers.


Todos Somos John Budd

Found this on mySteve this morning: Accused Sex Murderer of Mollie Tibbetts, Cristhian Rivera, Worked as “John Budd”

Read the whole nauseating thing, if you can. The pansy-ass newspeak of the Des Moines Register is hard to stomach, so if you have a strong gag-reflex, I’ll just give you the good parts:

IOWA CITY, Ia. — The Mexican man (“Mexican man? Didn’t Tibbetts’ cuckfather say he was an Iowan with zestier food?) charged with abducting and killing an Iowa college student was known for years on the dairy farm where he worked by another name: John Budd. (The younger workers respectfully called him Senor Budd)

The alias has emerged as Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s employer, a dairy farm operation owned by a prominent Republican family (boy, those Republicans sure are hard-ass about immigration!), faces questions over whether its managers were aware of any warning signs that he may have been in the country illegally. (Like the inability to speaka de Ingles, maybe?)


Bahena Rivera’s employer, Yarrabee Farms, also declined to confirm or deny Rivera’s work identity. Lori Chesser, an immigration employment lawyer advising the farm, said that companies cannot discriminate against workers based on how they look or how their names sound. (Howsa ’bout if they don’t speaka de Ingles? And if names don’t matter, why did our smelly Mexirapist change his name?)

Farm officials have said Bahena Rivera presented an out-of-state photo ID and a Social Security number when he was hired in 2014, and they believed he was the person depicted in those documents until his arrest last month. (Farm officials: “Senor Budd, ¿está siendo sincero con nosotros?” Senor Budd: “Si, por supuesto!”)


During his four years at the farm near the small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, Bahena Rivera “was called and responded to the name he used in the hiring process,” (“Senor Budd!” “Si, Senor?”) Chesser said. He lived in a trailer owned by the farm as a benefit of his employment, as do about half of its 10 workers. (5 Squatemalans in one trailer is way better than a lot of Squatemalans I’ve seen. They can pack a single-wide like a clown car. No word on how many live chickens were roosting in the cupboards)


It’s unclear whether E-Verify would have detected any red flags with Bahena Rivera’s claimed identity, but the farm has said it used a different government service to confirm that the name and Social Security number matched. (It used the DNC’s Facebook page to verify Senor Budd’s citizenship)

Police say Bahena Rivera followed and confronted Tibbetts while she was out for a run on July 18 and later killed her. She died of “multiple sharp force injuries,” according to an autopsy report. (Another way to say this is she ran away screaming, then he ran her down and raped her while he stabbed her to an agonizing death. Was that too harsh? Well, so were her “multiple sharp force injuries”)


“The person who is accused of taking Mollie’s life is no more a reflection of the Hispanic community as white supremacists are of all white people,” he wrote in an opinion piece for the Des Moines Register. (Just had to bring the cuck dad into it to shill for the Man, didn’t ya? Like his virtue signaling over his daughter’s dead body hasn’t gotten enough air time.)

Employers typically do not face legal consequences for hiring a worker under false documents as long as they were not involved in obtaining them and had no other obvious reason to suspect they are fraudulent, said Bob Teig, a retired federal prosecutor in Iowa.

“Absent unusual circumstances, it would be difficult to show they knew any more than what they were told,” Teig said, adding that it would be “pretty racist” to assume a John Budd could not be Hispanic. (Unless maybe they happened to notice that he COULDN’T SPEAKA DE FUCKING INGLES)


We are being replaced. As mySteve noted, there are real John Budds here, but to everyone in Iowa, this murdering Squatemalan was John Budd. The Gnostics are zealous for their faith, and they will never stop, not until todos somos John Budd.


This Essay Sucks

To our Overlords, let me be clear that I found this article offensive, silly, deceitful, worthless, fanciful, pretentious, boring, error-riddled, fiddle-faddle, moronic, untruthful and a complete waste of time, and I would NEVER recommend anyone to read this piece of trash, ever.

2 New Gnosticism Sightings

I realize it’s pretty lame to claim a Gnosticism sighting from the venerable Anti-Gnostic, so to be clear I’m crediting him with this one, and from a Leftist, of all people (I say Leftist, as opposed to Libtard, which Kunstler clearly isn’t). Good catch, AG.

The other is from our allies over at Thermidor, with this gem: The Monte Cassino Option. Here’s the payoff (emphasis mine):

What can be concluded then, in summation? Dreher’s argument is that we must build an ark to endure time and chance. If we take him at his word, we should look to the actual ark that St Benedict built: the abbey of Monte Cassino, mother-church of the monasticism that illuminated Latin Christendom. However, 1,400 years of worship and service was no shield from the United States Army Air Force, which bombed the monastery into powder in 1944 as thousands of British and American troops cheered from the valley below. As a symbol of the murder-suicide of the Christian West, I can think of none more concentrated. Since the Renaissance, Western man has been engaged on an anti-pilgrimage, a quest for the perfect system of centralised control, of all-encompassing efficiency that will confer gnostic power over nature to those in charge. Such an endeavour has struck relentlessly against Christianity, as it must, and the ability of the machine-state to achieve such purposes has increased exponentially alongside its technological, administrative and economic reach. For all of their sincere Christianity, Dreher, Deneen and a great many other social conservatives refuse to see these dynamics. If they did see them, they would be under no illusions about mollifying Leviathan, buying it off or finding some glad, quiet garden where it will not trouble them. That is not the nature of the beast; it never was. Embracing withdrawal is all of a piece with chanting the name of Alexis de Tocqueville like a spell to banish bad juju. In our current times, such a mixture of intellectual evasiveness and jejune romanticism constitutes the Monte Cassino Option: retreating into the abbey cellar in the hope that the bombers will miss or be recalled in mid-flight. In reality, the monks agreed to be evacuated by the Germans long before the bombs dropped.


  1. Thank you for naming the Beast.
  2. That last sentence is haunting. Acquiescence. I don’t know the whole story, but I immediately thought “why were they afraid to die? They’re monks.” I need to look into this, because it’s gonna bug me.