Gnosticism, Described

The following linked post is a great example of what I see and read, all the time. Someone perfectly describes Gnostics and their cosmology, minus the Gnostic terms.

Modern Gnosticism, to a large degree, is virtually identical to Classic Gnosticism, with the God part taken out.

Elite givers of knowledge to the benighted masses? Check.

The SYSTEM is broken so we gotta fix it? Check.

Since the SYSTEM is flawed, what’s normal and natural is actually evil and destructive? Check.

People, trapped in an evil, oppressive SYSTEM, are all victims? Check.

The people who support this evil, oppressive SYSTEM as natural or normal are either evil themselves, or duped, and therefore must be destroyed? Check.

Equality Uber Alles, even if it kills us? Check.

Check, and check mate. Modern Gnosticism.

Without further ado, here’s a fine post from Z, describing Modern Gnosticism to a T, all with his customary wit and flair.

I just wish he’d use my terms, dammit!

The Collapse of the Old Order