Gnostic Rambling

One of the core beliefs of Gnosticism is that the spiritual is all that really matters. A lot flows from or is connected to this. Like, for example, the denigration of creation and all it’s aspects (natural order, physical being, etc.), and a disproportionate elevation of all that is intangible. In the old days, the inclination was toward religious, theological (pseudo) knowledge, but today Western culture is profoundly irreligious. That doesn’t mean, however, that this particular Gnostic impulse isn’t as strong, or far-reaching. It’s just put on a new suit of clothes. Re-read that first sentence again and substitute the word spiritual with the word ideas. And then correct the grammar, while you’re at it. Thanks.

This is to illustrate just how profoundly Gnosticism has invaded our world. Now, we know that the modern leftist libtard is a Gnostic, due to their allegiance to the program of Equality Uber Alles as described in a previous post. And from that understanding of equalitarianism and it’s association with Gnosticism, we can see how modern Gnosticism has infected even normal people. Virtually everyone, including even hardcore Christians and Pagans, has bought into this garbage and rarely is it even questioned. Of course women should vote! Of course blacks just need education! Of course racial differences can be overcome! Of course we should welcome refugees!

Anyone who questions these things is very questionable. Anyone who disagrees with them better keep his mouth shut or face social and psychological violence.

But back to the ideas vs. creation thing. Or, to put it in another, more specific instance, what’s more important, ideas or people? Obviously, the Left strongly favors ideas, but they mask it as this grand concern for the people. Again, to a Gnostic, it’s knowledge that’s the key to salvation. That’s why they love big causes and sweeping crusades. Their heartfelt belief is that if the right ideas are implemented, all people will benefit. Sounds good, right? But since ideas are more important to them than people, they don’t mind breaking a few eggs to make an omelette. For a great example of this, read up on Rousseau, and the French Revolution.

Is it only the libtards, though? Do conservatives believe in anything substantially different?


Conservatives believe that America is a “Proposition Nation.” I could just stop there. But I won’t. Conservatives believe that this country was founded on ideas, and they cherish that belief. There is nothing more natural than blood and soil, but they insist that that had little or nothing to do with our founding, and nothing to do with our current existence. They’re wrong there, but they’re also partially right. The veneration of ideas over hierarchy had a lot to do with our country’s beginning. And everyone has equal access to ideas, right?

Conservatives hear it’s base yelling about the broken floodgate of immigration, and they think we’d rather hear about fixing the tax code. That’s a symptom of their Gnostic infection.

Strangely, conservatives believe this country was founded on their ideas, and that it’s the Left that keeps coming around messing up things up. They don’t realize that this country has always belonged to the Left. It was the Left that stirred up rebellion against the King, and fought ferociously against the substantial number of Loyalists among them, who opposed the revolt against King George.

As is plainly evident to any sentient being by now, the conservative function is now, and has always been, to stand in weak opposition to the system owned and operated by the Left, which explains their continual, utter, miserable failure to conserve anything. They don’t stand athwart history, yelling STOP! They stand athwart Gnosticism, politely asking their betters to please tap the brakes.

So, when you consider that it’s both our libtards and our conservatives who are thoroughly immersed in Gnostic belief, do you now realize how marginalized we Christians and Pagans are? In what great peril we’re in? How few our numbers? How easy our betrayals?

We’re all standing athwart Gnosticism, and we’re along for the ride until it crashes.

Dies irae, dies illa solvet saeclum in favilla