Gnosticism Described, Again

It makes my heart happy and proud when one of my heroes in the blogosphere pens a post or a term that perfectly describes the Gnostic Cult In Charge. Moldbug coined the term Cathedral, which I think is a wonderful name. It cements in the mind the religious nature of the beast. He also wrote a series on the unwitting religion of atheist Richard Dawkins, How Dawkins Got Pwned, and I hope to write a lengthy response to it soon. His description there of Universalism is really Gnosticism by another name.

A few posts ago I linked to an article by ZMan. Today we link to Roissy. Check out the comments, too. I normally don’t read comments, but I do when it comes to this.

Why are people like Elizabeth Warren so zealous, so intractable, so… so… alien?

She’s a Gnostic, and she must adhere to it’s orthodoxy, because all of her faith is invested in Gnosticism.

The Moral Derangement Of Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren