The Right Message, From Porter

This is really just an excuse to link to the mighty Porter, who IMO is the best blogger in the biz. This article does touch on a topic we covered recently in The State of Dis-Grace, so I think my excuse is plausible. Relevant quote: “A cut I haven’t yet mentioned is the one left by progressive degeneracy. As these are creatures who can only swallow while swimming, they must continually push forward for sustenance. Yesterday’s advance is merely today’s tradition, and so must be succeeded by more rapid advances still. That is how we went from expressions of mild disgust for homosexuals, to ordaining them as moral exemplars in one generation.”

Best quote is the next line: “But championing men who sexually gratify other men in the women’s bathroom may as well be the Waltons at this point. The real civil rights initiative is to fully suppress the human gag reflex before it can mature.”

So, without further ado, feast your eyes: The Right Message Indeed