The Gnostics vs. The Remnant

From Roissy, a vividly clear expression of modren Gnosticism: Globohomo’s Next Target: “Sexual Racism”.

A couple of money shots:

“Race and sex are the alpha and omega of humanness.”

We (huwhites) have been marinating in Gnosticism so long, we no longer consider the two most basic elements in our very humanness to be important, and even more, we’ve been taught/encouraged/bullied into being ashamed of them. At least if you’re white. And male. Speaking of which…

“It must be cohencidental that these “dialogues” always focus on White “racism”, when in fact a sexual preference for one’s own race is evident in nonWhite races as well.”

Now, about The Remnant. Reading Porter this morning (This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior, about the abundantly awesome NPC meme, among other things), I caught a reference to an essay by Albert Jay Nock,  Isaiah’s Job, from one of the outstanding commenters there, Deter Naturalist. When Deter talks, I listen (and when George Orwell snarks, I lulz), so I looked it up on this Web thingy. While reading it, I almost decided to post the whole damn essay here, it’s so good, but that seems like a waste of space when I can just link to it. I highly recommend reading the whole thing:

Isaiah’s Job