Why The Christian Church Is Weak

I posted a comment on the Chateau recently in response to this: Christcuckery: “I need a young black man”

“An argument for why the Christian Church is weak in our culture:
Christians believe that Christ has been given all authority by the Father (Matthew 28:18), and this includes, but is not limited to, moral authority. Christian doctrine also holds that Christians are the body of Christ, inseparably connected to Him, so His authority extends to us, at least concerning spiritual, moral concerns (also, Christ conferred spiritual authority to the Church, see Matthew 16:19). It follows then that a Christian, if he is to be consistent in his faith, has to believe that the Christian faith system will always be morally superior to any other faith system, and superior in every way. Remember, ALL authority has been given to Christ.

It’s obvious that the dominant faith system in the West is no longer Christian. I say it’s Gnosticism, but call it what you want; secularism, humanism, Shitlibistan, we know it ain’t Christian. It’s moral orthodoxy is not a Christian moral orthodoxy. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Ask an ordinary Christian this question: Is our culture today more moral about race than our culture in the 19th century. If he’s smart, he’ll see the trap. The 19th century in the West was a Christian culture, and it tolerated slavery (at least during the 1st half), discrimination, discouraged miscegenation, etc. If he says that we’re more moral today about race in a non-Christian culture than in the former Christian culture, then he’s denying that Christ has ALL moral authority. If he says the 19th century was more moral about race, then he’s either already woke, or he has to start the painful process of waking up, and accepting all sorts of forbidden truths.

If he’s not woke, his first argument will probably be that the current moral orthodoxy of race equalism is actually a Christian doctrine, but this is easily refuted from Scripture. If the dominant Gnostic/Secularist orthodoxy proclaims a Christian doctrine, then it is a house divided and cannot stand (see Luke 11:17-18). But that’s not what we see, is it? It’s very much in power and not weakening. In fact, it’s the Church that’s weak to the point of irrelevance. I believe that is because WE are a house divided. WE are proclaiming a doctrine that is not Christian, and we’re suffering the consequences.

Finally, it follows then that if the Church is ever to regain power and reclaim our culture, it has to not just stop denying the Church of the 19th century (or any previous century), but fully embrace it, and then proclaim it as morally superior. They (the Church Triumphant) are the Body of Christ just as fully as we are, and a much larger portion of it. How do we expect to have any effect in the world if we turn our backs on them?

P.S. That video makes me sick.”

Two things: first, that video really did make me sick to my stomach. It’s one of those things that doesn’t exaggerate the phrase cringe-inducing. I don’t have time to write all that’s wrong with it, and couldn’t eviscerate it nearly as well as Roissy did if I tried.

Secondly, there was a warm response from the readers of Chateau Heartiste to my comment. Like I wrote before, I’ll take Pagans over Gnostics any day.


Yet Another Gnosticism Sighting

If you follow the links to these 3 articles, you may be tempted to think I’m like, super deep and, like, smart. Full disclosure, these made my brain hurt from exertion, but they were definitely worth the effort.

Modern Gnosticism is really hammered in the second article, but all three are wonderful. Who was Marion Montgomery, and why haven’t I heard of him till today?

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How Should We Treat the Evil of Flannery O’Connor’s Misfits?

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Gnosticism Described, Again

It makes my heart happy and proud when one of my heroes in the blogosphere pens a post or a term that perfectly describes the Gnostic Cult In Charge. Moldbug coined the term Cathedral, which I think is a wonderful name. It cements in the mind the religious nature of the beast. He also wrote a series on the unwitting religion of atheist Richard Dawkins, How Dawkins Got Pwned, and I hope to write a lengthy response to it soon. His description there of Universalism is really Gnosticism by another name.

A few posts ago I linked to an article by ZMan. Today we link to Roissy. Check out the comments, too. I normally don’t read comments, but I do when it comes to this.

Why are people like Elizabeth Warren so zealous, so intractable, so… so… alien?

She’s a Gnostic, and she must adhere to it’s orthodoxy, because all of her faith is invested in Gnosticism.

The Moral Derangement Of Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren